Artiest Xxxtentacion

Songtitle Carry On

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[Verse 1]
Oh, it hurts the most 'cause I don't know the cause
Maybe I shouldn't have cried when you left and told me not to wait
Oh, it kills the most to say that I still care
Now I'm left tryna rewind the times you held and kissed me back

I wonder if you're thinking "Is she alright all alone?"
I wonder if you tried to call, but couldn't find your phone
Have I ever crossed your thoughts because your name's all over mine?
A moment in time, don't watch me cry
A moment in time, don't watch me cry

I'm not crying 'cause you left me on my own
I'm not crying 'cause you left me with no warning
I'm just crying 'cause I can't escape what could've been
Are you aware when you set me free?
All I can do is let my heart bleed

[Verse 2]
Oh, it's harder when you can't see through the thoughts
Not that I wanna get in, but I want to see how your mind works
No, it's harder when they don't know what they've done
Thinking it's better they leave, meaning that I'll have to move on