Artiest Valentino Kanzyani

Songtitle Leliwa

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Leliwa Lyrics
Valentino Kanzyani

echo you(5x) didn't even try 
you(5x) didn't tell me why 

why did you let me slip away 
and why didn't you beg for me to stay 
if you'd ask me would i 
i'd say yes. 
couldn't stop the way you love to rearrange 
i was out there but i knew that he 
had changed if you asked me would i 
i'd say yes (3x) 
if you'd ask me would i 
i'd say yes 

you (5x) 
you were my man 
you (5x) 
you had other plans 

everybody says he's a user 
and everybody says he has proved it 
everybody says he's a loser 
everybody says don't deserve it 

you (5x) 
buried my mind 
cause you(5x) 
couldn't get enough