Artiest Tribute To The Cats Band

Songtitle Dreams

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Wish I was upon a star
Far away up in the sky
Beyond the reach of human mind
That's where I like to be with you

Wish I was in the sea
Down the bottom, you and me
See the colour of the water
That's where I would like to be with you

In the sky or in the sea
I don't care what it would be
If only there were you and I
We would live and never die, you and me

I wish that we had wings to fly
Like the birds up in the sky
And then we would fly away
From the dark into the day, you and me

Wish I was gently floating
Carried by the lazy river
Feel the magic of the silence
That's where I would like to be with you

I wish it was like a dream
Fairytales would come to be
Reality for you and me
I want to thank you for being you, my love