Artiest Foy Vance

Songtitle Noam Chomsky

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Carl Perkins for the rock n roll
Dr. John for the jockamo
Little Richard for a Saturday night
James Brown if you’re feelin outtasight
Willie Nelson if you’re feelin low
Aretha Franklin if you need some soul

Play em loud but if you’re quiet and you’re brooding baby

Noam Chomsky is a soft revolution

Jean-Paul Sartre if it’s all just so
Dostoyevsky if you’re in the know
A bit of scripture for a little light
Baby Che Guevara for a full on bar fight
Alexander if you’re feeling great
Charlie Darwin if you’re thinking ‘bout apes

If you’re quiet and you’re looking for solution baby

Noam Chomsky is a soft revolution

Old Joe Lewis gonna wear you down
Ali Muhammad gonna do it loud
Marciano got a granite chin
Baby go get a rocket for a 147
Gotta bolt when you’re feeling lighting
And that McGregor good lord he’s frightenin’

If your quiet and you’re sick of institution baby

Noam Chomsky is a soft revolution